More than 75 years at the service of the astronomers.

Since its creation in 1937 by Henri Chretien, Safran Reosc always developed its best skill and technology to answer to the more and more challenging demands of the astronomers to conduct their scientific observation of the sky. This is done mainly through :

  • Turn-key small size telescope system
  • Large and active mirrors
  • Segmented optics
  • Lightweight secondaries
  • Field correctors and other optical instrumentation

Thanks to all these stimulating projects Safran Reosc has been able to continuously leverage its expertise and capabilities in lens design and opto-mechanical engineering, optical manufacturing and figuring, precision thin films as well as alignment and integration. 

Today we are proud to hold several world records in the domain of astronomical optics like:

  • World's largest monolithic optics with the four 8-m primary mirrors for the Very Large Telescope (VTL) and two same class of primaries for the Gemini telescopes,
  • World's highest resolution telescope optics with the segmented primary mirror of the Gran Telescopio Canarias (GTC). 36 x 1.8-m size hexagonal segments, plus 6 spare pieces, have produced at a rate of 1 segment / 2 weeks to build up the 11-m total aperture main mirror of this telescope,
  • World's largest thin glass shell for the VLT M2 AO Facility. This convex aspheric shell is only 2-mm thick for 1.1-m aperture and extreme profile smoothness to perfectly compensate the atmospheric turbulences on its 1000 actuator support system,  
  • World's first real ELT demonstration with the seven prototype 1.45-m size segments for the European Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT) made to unprecedented quality. These are demonstrating our capability to take the industrial challenge of producing the 913 segments in an industrial manner thank to Sagem & Safran support in industrial hi-tech production. 

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