Field correctors & instrumentation

Within an astronomical observatory, precision auxiliary optics remains as important as the primary and secondary mirror of the collecting telescope. Safran Reosc offer its full range of expertize in high performance optics: design, lightweighting, polishing, coating, integration, including advanced options like three mirror anastigmats (TMA) and freeform optical surfaces, new materials like Silicon Carbide and R-SiC polishing layer, pixelated IR coatings, high fluence laser coating and  space qualified optics mounting technologies. 


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Field correctors & instrumentation

Mirror SAC intégré
Lens correction

Lens elements and lens assemblies

Safran Reosc has developed several wide field of view lens corrector systems like the CFHT Megaprime corrector. An initial optical design developed by the customer is welcome and adapted to fitt with the manufacturing and testing strategy and constraints driven by our large optics experience. Large glass blanks are procured and precisely checked in term of optical homogeneity, polished with spherical or aspherical shape, coated with the required broadband AR coating and precisely centered within the mechanical structure.

Lens elements can also be supplied individually on request if the customer wants to take the responsibility of the mounting structure design and integration activities.

Mirror elements and Mirror systems

Mirror systems offer unique advantage of absence of any color aberrations. This is particularely interesting in the IR domain and extended Vis+NIR domain. The South African Large Telescope (SALT) selected Safran Reosc for the supply of its 4-mirror advanced field corrector which included 4 highly aspheric mirrors aligned withing an athermal structure.

Three Mirror Anastigmat optics offer similar definitive advantages within the spectrographic instrumentation like the CRyogenic high-resolution Infrared Echelle Spectrograph (CRIRES).

Mirror elements can be offered in metal (Aluminum or Beryllium) in Glass and glass ceramic or in Silicon Carbide attractive with its high stiffness and adequation to cryogenic temperatures. Safran Reosc has developed its R-SiC polishing layer that eases its optical processing and allow to reach better flatness and micro-roughness level. 

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