Laser Beam Directors

Safran Reosc is proud to have participated to the French LATEX experiment and to the US Navy Sea-Lite project with large aperture telescope or mirror assemblies. Today Safran Reosc can offer its precision opto-mechanic skill and high fluence coating experience for new generation directed energy systems based on high power fiber laser technology. 


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High laser throughput with astronomical precision


LATEX: Safran Reosc was been responsible of the design and development of the LATEX 1-m aperture experimental laser weapon system. The compact telescope was based on a 1-m F/1 glass ceramic lightweighted primary mirror that received high reflectivity coating optimized for the mid-IR Laser used at this time.

SEA-LITE: Safran Reosc is proud to have been selected by the US-NAVY for the supply of two 1.8-m primary mirror assemblies. These optics have perfectly fulfilled their function for years with the MIRACL Mid IR Laser in White Sands Missile Range.    

Toady Safran Reosc can offer new beam emitter telescopes which will become more compact and powerful thanks to the new fiber laser technology. 

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