Precision components and general purpose equipment for defense

Safran Reosc is supplying its parent company Safran Electronics & Defense with critical components, high-tech thin film services, and customized test benches.

Other customers can also benefit from the synergy between the Group internal demand and the Safran Reosc advanced capabilities in precision optics. 


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High tech for defense

Pixel filter
Small collimator

Beside standard optics produced by Safran Electronics & Defence plants like Poitiers or Montluçon or procured abroad, Safran Reosc is a key player with the defense market supply chain thanks to its various differentiating capabilities.

We design and deliver standard optical laboratory test collimators, in Newton or Cassegrain configuration, and customized in term of aperture and focal length per requirements or from our list of standard models.

We apply high performance reflective or dichroic thin films of various critical components like: entrance windows, fine stab lightweight mirrors, internal dichroic plates, harmonization plates, eye laser safety filters, etc.

Safran Reosc also supplies Safran Electronics & Defense and the company SOFRADIR, a joint venture between Safran and Thales, with contoured and structured precision IR filters as well as pixelated IR filters for advanced space and defense applications.

Our technology team helps Safran Electronics & Defense to develop its strategy with respect to advanced materials like Silicon Carbide, Sapphire, Beryllium, IR crystals and materials, etc.

Symetrically, Safran Reosc is benefitic from the solid Safran experience in mass production and industrialization.  

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