Laser components

The fluence and durability of laser components is not only a matter of thin films. Precision polishing with low defectivity and subsurface damages is essential to the effective achievement of best behaviour of the optics under laser flux. Safran Reosc knows how to combine these two skills effectively and is proud to have delivered major programs like Megajoule, Orion or Firex.


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Combining polishing and coating skills


Based on several decades experience, Safran Reosc masters the tight combination of polishing and coating to achieve best laser performance. Plano, spherical, aspherical and off-axis components are polished to laser grade quality, even in large dimension up to 1-m. This means :

  • Tight figure control, including optical pre-deformation in order to compensate by anticipation the expected surface deformation caused by the stresses within the layer later deposited
  • Mid-spatial frequency and micro-roughness reduced down to a few Angstroems and no peak in the PSD curve of the optical figure.
  • Lowest defectivity (scratches, digs, sleeks, …) to minimize the risk of coating damages at these points.
  • Minimum sub-surface defects and absence of any iron contamination to avoid unwanted absorption within the glass and damaging the coating ‘from below'

Within our large coating chambers Safran Reosc masters the skill of ensuring best coating layer thickness uniformity, stress and min absorption within the layers.

Cleanliness of our components is preserved thanks to rigorous environment control and best operator practice to avoid any unwanted particle putting in danger the robustness of our coatings. 

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