Opto-mechanics for laser applications

Mounting large precision optics requires attention to critical details not addressed with 1-4'' optics. Safran Reosc provides you with the right solution. 


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Like for space optics, high quality mounting is essential


With 70 years leading contribution to astronomy, Safran Reosc has gained unique skill in large precision optics mounting and aligning. We offer this to the laser scientists who are moving from table top laser set-up to large laser facilities for multi joule energy or Peta Watt peak power ultra-fast lasers.

Gravity is taken into consideration for non-vertical components to avoid a deformation that would generate astigmatism or triangular deformation.

Great attention is given to local effects near the attachment point to avoid local bump or too high birefringence effect of laser propagating through the component.

Alignment fiducials can be provided to ease the alignment of OAP and afocal beam expander in order to ensure rapid installation on the laser chain or quick periodic verifications.

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