Thin films for laser

Our thin film laboratory is equipped with 1.8-m large thin film deposition equipment and brad characterization instrumentation and produces among the most powerful optical coating of the world. 


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3 decades of laser thin film development

Mir Transport coating

Safran Reosc do the design, deposition and characterization unique laser coatings in our thin film lab with the large 1.8-m cubic coating chamber fitted with state of the art deposition technology and served by the several decade skill and know-how of our engineers and technicians. Precise selection of the material included in the layer design, rigorous application of the selected deposition technology and all specific parameters associated to each part and optical function are the key to success in this domain of optical perfection.

For large components up to 1-m size we can offer:

In ns regime at 1.06 µm:

  • HR mirrors with R > 99.5% and 70 J/cm²
  • AR coatings with R < 0.15% and 8 J/cm²
  • Polarizers with TP > 97% and TS < 1% with 10 J/cm²

In the fs regime used in ultra-fast or PW lasers, we have developed mirrors with fluence 2 to 3 times above the common state of the art on the subject:  

  • 0.6 J/cm² @ 11fs,  1 J/cm² @ 20 fs,  3 J/cm² @ 500 fs
  • Metal MLD hybrid coatings for stretching or compression gratings  
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