DUV lens assemblies

Thanks to Safran Reosc's dedication to perfection in optics and coatings and its heritage in Astro, Space, Laser & Defense Safran Reosc masters all the critical steps of design, optical fabrication, coating and assembly of high performance DUV optics for semiconductor applications.  


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Durable coatings and milli-λ WFE quality

DUV lens assemblies

Safran Reosc holds more than 15 year experience in precision DUV lens assemblies for semiconductor applications.

Up to 350 mm large size aspheric components made from Fused Silica or Calcium Fluoride are produced with state of the art polishing and figuring technology (MRF & IBF) and verified to sub-nanometer flatness quality despite aspheric departure reaching more than a millimeter.

Highly durable coatings have been developed to minimize reflection losses on the many surfaces constituting the lens assembly.

The lens elements are precision mounted and centered with glue-free technology in order to preserve the optics from any contamination due to glue decomposition under UV radiations. The optics is preserved from external perturbations with passive or active temperature stabilization and, when needed, some lens elements are actively controlled in position with 6 degrees of freedom in order to maintain highest performance level despite temperature or pressure changes.

Our optics WFE can be tested to sub-nanometer accuracy. Focal plane deviation and distortion is also controlled for wide field of view systems. 

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