EUV optics

The highest lateral resolution is now obtained with EUV light at 13.5 nm. Safran Reosc fully masters optical design and fabrication technologies for such extremely soft wavelength and has produced optics for imagery as well as for illumination and light collection from the source.


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High quality EUV optics with controlled low, mid & high spatial frequency residual surface errors

EUV optics

Through its participation to several EU-coordinated research projects Safran Reosc leveraged its optical fabrication technology to the level required by EUV light collection, illumination and imaging applications.

A 2-mirror Schwarzschild type micro-exposure tool with NA 0.32 has been fully developed for CEA and used with an experimental EUV source. On same concept an EUV microscope opto-mechanics was also developed some years ago, but not used due to lack of intense enough source. 

Several designs of EUV normal (ellipsoid), near normal or semi-grazing high efficiency EUV collector assembly have been proposed and developed. The technology for collector substrate cooling for multi-KW EUV source has been explored and key process validated.

Precision EUV components were produced per print for several customers we have to keep confidential.

Safran Reosc masters the full combination of design-manufacturing-integration skill to supply entire EUV sub-equipment per specification and welcome any demand. 

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