Structural parts and other optics

Safran Reosc offer its skill for special parts or sub-equipment with semi-conductor equipment based on its differentiating capabilities of large optics to high precision. This includes long bar mirrors, stage blocks, reference sphere, etc.


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Optical precision for industry

Structural parts

EUV mask substrates were supplied in the frame of an EU-coordinated research program with high flatness (< 50 nm PTV) and critical defect requirements.

Level Sensors multi-mirror system were designed and developed fully in-house and then produced in large quantities up to 60 units per months. Thanks to its robotic polishing technology Safran Reosc can produce long bar mirrors to huge size up to 1.5-m or more.

Other high flatness, lightweight and stiff structural parts can be supplied per print or custom designed from Zerodur, Fused Silica or ceramic material like Silicon Carbide or Cordierite.

We can manage large parts up to 2-m or more thanks to our unique optical processing and coating capabilities for large optics. 

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