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The spirit of innovation was written in Safran Reosc DNA since its creation by Henry Chretien and Charles Fabry in 1937 with several other scientific and industrial entrepreneurs.  

During 80 years Safran Reosc managers, engineers and technicians were developing their creativity and their talents in high performance optics at the service of customers whose projects were constantly at the limit of the current state of the art.

This stimulating environment helped Safran Reosc to become the world leader it is today within its domain and to associate its name to famous astronomical telescopes and instruments, satellites, laser facilities or defense projects.

Today we keep tight and continuous relations with our customers to prepare the future with new concepts or new technologies enabling and contributing to the next progresses whished.

All these innovations remain challenged with risk analyses in order to avoid non conformances or too long delay in our delivery schedule. Safran Reosc is dedicated to deliver its products as offered in our technical proposal, especially in the frame of challenging projects. This spirit of creativity, performance and reliability is summarized in our credo "Head in the stars – Feet on the ground"  

Innovation at Safran

A state of mind anchored in technological excellence

Innovation plays a pivotal role at Safran. Essential to our competitiveness, it enables us to offer top-flight products in each of our business sectors – aerospace, defense, security – while also reducing development time and cost. Innovation also means developing safer, more environmentally-friendly air transport, and making our daily lives safer and easier. To support our strategy, we invest considerable human and financial resources in research & development, as well as building state-of-the-art research centers. Innovation is also a state of mind, expressed through the sharing of expertise, based on a large number of partnerships and a dynamic, successful employee-driven innovation initiative.

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