Large and high fluence laser optics from ns to fs pulses

Safran Reosc is a leading supplyer for decades of high performance laser optics and precision thin films  thanks to key collaboration with CEA and intense development efforts on best fluence level for all laser applications. 

Safran produces specialized optics and deposit high performance thin film coatings used in the scientific domain of high energy laser for advanced physic science.
In term of optics we specifically deliver bare component or :

  • Flats mirror in mount up to 1-m or more
  • Amplifyer discs made from Neodyme glass
  • Polarizer plates
  • Spatial filtering or focusing lenses
  • Off axis parabola up to 90° deviation with low or high output NA 

In term of thin films Safran gained worldwide recognition with key performance levels as follows:

In ns regime at 1.06 µm:

  • HR mirrors with R > 99.5% and 70 J/cm²
  • AR coatings with R < 0.15% and 8 J/cm²
  • Polarizers with TP > 97% and TS < 1% with 10 J/cm²

In fs regime:

  • 0.6 J/cm² @ 11fs,  1 J/cm² @ 20 fs,  3 J/cm² @ 500 fs

Our opto-mechanics products are individual mirrors in mount, pair of plano mirrors at 90% to perform vertical shift of the beam, afocal beam expander. Unique thin glass shells for active laser mirrors are also offered.


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