Optics for Defence

Safran Reosc high performance optics skill gained thanks to the many science projects to which we contribute is offered to our parent company Safran Electronics & Defense. It is also offered to any other customer, of course under the control of the French Export Regulation.

Safran Reosc offers various key products for the defense market, in relation to its various domains of excellence:

  •    Optical sights for Mistral firing station
  •    Rearview mirrors
  •    Eye protection filters
  •    IR specialty coatings, pixelated and structured IR coatings
  •    Lab collimators
  •    Lightweight stab mirror, dichroic plates, laser coating services
  •    Reco lenses with Vis-IR plano, segmented or conformal windows
  •    Laser beam director optics – Spotter optics

Our differentiation is based on high performance thin film deposition, especially broad-band and IR, lightweight or aspheric mirrors, precision lens assemblies.   


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