Optics for industry

High performance optics are used in the semiconductor industry and for the related research activity. Safran Reosc has several times demonstrated its capability to design, develop and produce in quantity state of the art DUV or EUV optics as well as structural parts or bar mirrors.

Following the Moore's law the semiconductor industry is needing high performance optics and coatings for wavelength that shrink down from Mercury lamp (351 nm), KrF (248 nm) and ArF (193 nm) laser and more recently EUV soft-X rays at 13.5 nm only.

Thanks to its strong heritage in laser and space optics, Safran Reosc has all the capability to design and develop such specialized optics per customer specification, develop some prototypes and produce them by batches.

Inspection optics: High NA mask inspection optics have been produced at rates up to several units per month with a few milli-l transmitted wavefront quality for 193-nm applications.

Leveling Sensors: Oblique incidence wafer levelling optics have been developed and produced for ASML at rate of up to 60 units / months.

Litho tool proto exposure systems, including beam forming optics, illumination optics and projection optics have been developed for a foreign customer, achieving high resolution, low focal plane deviation thanks to active image quality optimization. High fluence and long durability coating have been applied of large ultra-precision aspheric optics operating at 193nm.  

EUV optics: A micro-exposure tool optics has been developed with CEA LETI in the frame of an European program. Strong efforts have also been developed for cooled near normal incidence collector optics for EUV sources. Several other illumination and imagery optics were produced per specific customer requirements.

Long bar mirrors with high flatness have been produced for large printing machines for the Flat Panel Display industry.

Safran Reosc holds several designs in its books ready to be adapted for new applications like LITI, Flip packaging, bumping technology, etc…   Contact us ! 


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