Space optics

Safran Reosc started its activities for space in the 70's with SPOT & METEOSAT. Today we are proud to have more than 120 optics in space contributing to civil and strategic earth observation, weather forecast, major science missions and environment monitoring.  

When France began its development in space, Safran Reosc became a natural key partner to CNES and the two main contractors Airbus Defence & Space and Thales Alenia Space thanks to its skill in large and precision optics.
Through the years Safran Reosc gained recognition from many international space organizations like CAST, ESA, DLR, ISA, ISRO, JAXA, KARI, NASA.
Our products remain under export control but are 100% ITAR free.
Space business remain up to now a quasi-prototype activity and Safran Reosc offer many differentiating skills and technologies, shared with astronomy, laser and defense business, as follows:

  • Expertize in opto-mechanical engineering with long heritage on high resolution, multispectral, wide field of view, compact, low weight and robust developed concepts.
  • Expertize in precision lightweight mirrors with the specific design, lightweighting by diamond milling, polishing, coating, stress-free mounting, shake testing and 0g optical quality certification,
  • Expertize in high performance Vis-IR dioptric optics   
  • Expertize in Vis-IR optical thin films operating down to cryogenic temperature
  • Flexible supply: single component, sub-assembly, full telescope or opto-mechanical module
  • Precision test equipment (collimators & Flats) with accurate calibration traceability. 

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