Filters and focal plane optics

Light management close to the focal plane is more and more contributing to the overal system performance. Safran Reosc offers its advanced solutions with contoured filters (rectangular windows, long stripes,etc.), linearly variable filters as well as on-detector AR and pixelated coatings for Vis, NIR, SWIR and LWIR spectral bands.


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Photonic solutions near and on the focal plane

Filtre hyperspectral
Pixel filter
Strip pleiades

Safran Reosc is more and more investing on advanced thin films and photonics solutions for light management near and on the focal plane.

Precision filters are deposited per spec for Vis (R-G-B-Pan and more) to LWIR applications and then litho-processed to define and locate accurate contours.

Efficient black coating is associated in order to minimize local stry light generation.

We also produce linear variable filters for hyperspectral instrumentation.

Today, our most advanced developments are conducted for on-chip thin-film solutions. This is firstly done with efficient AR coatings on the detector itself allowing significant overall throughput gain. This is also done with 2D structured thin-films directly constructed on the IR detector, thus offering for the first time ‘color imagery' in IR domain. 

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