Large precision ground optical test equipment with accurate calibration traceability

Safran Reosc offer its large optics expertise in the form of precision optical flat and collimators to be used on ground to perform all the required optical verifications prior launch. These are available in size over 1-meter with simple interfaces guaranteeing the full performance on-site. 


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Accuracy you can rely on

Flat 1200
COM & FM Autocoll

Autocollimation flats

This optics helps to adjust the focusing exactly at infinity and to evaluate in double pass the quality of the wavefront delivered by the instrument under test.

Our large optical flats and their mounting devices are optimized for long term stability and low deformation und

Flat actif

er gravity. The orientation with respect to the gravity must be specified at the beginning of the project.

Our flats can be supplied in solid form or in lightweight configuration when weight becomes an issue.

They can be supplied with dual axis orientation mount, manual or motorized.

Special design version has been developed with active shape control in order to be be used on a larger range of orientation, and even from horizontal to vertical optical axis with one sible equipment.


The collimator is a reference telescope used to send an image into the system under test.

Our collimators are designed like a space camera with ultra-stable structure maintaining the primary and secondary mirrors in position.

Various thermal stability grades are offered as per the environment of operation. 

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