Lightweight mirrors

Safran Reosc holds more than four decades heritage in glass-ceramic lightweight mirrors for space. We master ultra-lightweight diamond milling technology up to 50 kg / m² areal density, hold solid background in Beryllium optics, and offer now state of the art Silicon Carbide lightweight space mirrors. Our R-SiC polishing layer makes them even easier to produce.  


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The optimum balance between weight and optical flatness

GAIA integration

Safran Reosc initiated its glass-ceramic diamond milling lightweighting technique under the impulsion of Cnes during the 70's. This was then continuously refined in term of reliability and performance with very thin glass walls (Ex: 2 mm over 200 rib height), continuous facesheet and optimized mounting interfaces.

Beryllium can be offered but today, Silicon Carbide is by far the best compromise for high performance lightweight optics in space and Safran Reosc fully master this material from engineering up to our R-SiC polishing layer that eases significantly its polishing.

Flexure mirror fixing devices are designed, fabricated, glued or clamped to the optical element to ensure the firm fixing of the object without distorting its high precision optical surface.

The optical surface can be precision plano, asphere, off-axis section of conventional asphere or even freeform of smart, aggressive or extreme profile.

Our thin film team has gained solid background in the deposition of large aperture (up to 1.6-m), high reflectivity, high durability, low stress, enhanced metallic layers adapted to the usefull spectral domain.

Precision hollow corner cubes with ultimate size-weight-accuracy are also offered for FTIR instruments. 

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