Space lens assemblies

For several space applications lens assemblies remain the best design choice for advanced space instrumentation. Safran Reosc offer design and development of wide angle or long efl imaging optical systems as well as other complex lens assemblies for space like the MTG Spectral Separator Assembly.   


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Advanced dioptric optical systems for severe environment


From lens design, polishing, coating to precision mouting and alignement, Safran Reosc masters the development of highest performance dioptric assemblies dedicated to imagery or multispectral light beam management within space payloads.

Fish-eye or long focal length system are designed with the difficult UV-Vis-IR optical materials required for the application. Aspheric or freeform optical surfaces are used when they offer solid advantages.

The optical components are precision polished in-house or procured then accurately measured. One of Safran Reosc's key specialty is then to deposit the required AR or dichroic coating on the lens elements and this is frequently the most critical step of the production.

The optical components are bond in their sub-cell and aligned within the mechanical structure. Safran Reosc has developed ultra-robust and stable lens mounting technology compatible with most severe environment like for space or aircraft.

Global testing and final adjustments are then conducted in front of the interferometer or on the final test bench developed specifically for the application.

All mechanical and thermos-vacuum environment tests are then conducted for full qualification of the optics.

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