Space telescopes

Safran Reosc design and develop high performance opto-mechanical systems and telescopes for space application. Resistance to launch environment. Preservation of highest optical quality with respect to gravity and cryogenic environment. Low weight. Advanced materials and coatings. 


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Optical perfection in space environment

Telescope 3 mirrors

Safran Reosc holds leading skill is advanced optomechanics for space telescopes.

Various optical design can be proposed depending the resolution and field of view:

  • Quasi Schmidt system was the baseline for SPOT
  • Cassegrain configuration with field corrector was selected for OFEQ system
  • Three Mirror Anastigmat systems can be designed with long focal lenth for high resolution earth observation of with lower F/number for multi-hyper spectral imagery.
  • Four mirror systems can offer wide field fo view up to 70° or more for global survey at daily rate.
  • Safran Reosc also masters freeform optics technology that open the way to very compact configurations or higher performances.

Mirrors are produced from glass-ceramic or Silicon Carbide with high lightweight ratio up to 90%. Metal option can also be considered for small size optics. They are fitted with precision engineered flexure type mirror fixing devices that hold them firmly and precisely in position while preserving the high quality of the reflected wavefront.

Lens elements are polished, coated and centered within the appropriate sub-cell.

The telescope metering structure maintains all optical elements in position and can be made from CFRP material, ceramic or even glass-ceramic material depending the engineering choice of remaining all-same material or not.

Our integration team masters the alignment technique of any centered or off-axis system configuration up to desired WFE + distortion performance required.

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