Technology & Means

A world unique combination of optical skills & means for high performance optics.

Safran Reosc holds a unique portofolio of key skills and advanced means for high performance optics design and development:

  • Opto-mechanical and thin film design.
  • Robotic freeform optical manufacturing : lightweighting, optical surface profile generating, lapping and polishing. World unique capability has been developed to process Silicon Carbide optics thanks to various specific process parameters development.
  • Precision figuring by either MRF or IBF technology down to nm figure error level while keeping mid-spatial frequency residuals and micro-roughness at EUV quality level.
  • Advanced optical metrology engineering and test set-up implementation to the level of accuracy required by the application and over all spatial frequencies.
  • Thin film deposition on mid-size and large optics in the DUV, Vis and IR spectral domain, qualified for space, laser, cryogenic or defense environment that can be combined with 2D structuration for stripe filters or pixelated coatings.
  • Assembly, Integration and Test (AIT) of the opto-mechanics developed in clean environment up to ISO 5.   

In addition Safran Reosc is organized with robust and efficient program management methodologies and our independent and rigorous Product Assurance team reports directly to our top Management. More generally Safran Reosc keeps tight links with our parent company Safran electronics & Defense and Safran for Export Control, Trade Compliance and all other transverse internal rules of the Group.    


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