Safran Reosc conducts deep opto-mechanical engineering study work with state of the art software tools and skilled engineers maintaining our long heritage on the subject. More precisely, Safran Reosc claims to be a leading expert in :

  • Lens design of telescope and refractive systems
  • Mechanical design of large opto-mechanics and high performance lens assemblies
  • Thin film design for laser and complex optical functions from UV to LWIR 

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Lens Design & Optical Engineering


Since its foundation by Henri Chretien, Safran Reosc is conducting advanced engineering work in lens design for space, astronomy and defense optical systems. We routinely use CODE V and ZEMAX as well as various proprietary software for lens assemblies and telescope implementation and optimization. Freeform surfaces are now more and more used to gain in performance and volume of the system.

Stray light analyses are conducted with ASAP and LightTools to determine ghost images and their intensities. 

Our strength is based on the fact that the manufacturability and testability of the optical surface and entire optical system are fully mastered internally in relation with the metrology team and optical manufacturing team. 

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