Safran Reosc conducts deep opto-mechanical engineering study work with state of the art software tools and skilled engineers maintaining our long heritage on the subject. More precisely, Safran Reosc claims to be a leading expert in :

  • Lens design of telescope and refractive systems
  • Mechanical design of large opto-mechanics and high performance lens assemblies
  • Thin film design for laser and complex optical functions from UV to LWIR 

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Mechanical Design & Engineering


Our developed opto-mechanics are frequently exposed to severe environments like launch to space or flight onboard an aircraft. Therefore precise FE computations are conducted with ANSYS or NASTRAN software to determine, among others, the deformations, the stress levels and the dynamic response to the environment. Thermal studies are conducted when temperatures can vary rapidly or over large domains.

CAD work is conducted with CATIA and TOP-SOLID software.

We exchange our data with all customer required formats and, more particularly, have established bridges with our lens design team in order to conduct integrated opto-mechanical studies and error budgets. 

Typical studies involve large lightweight mirrors with their flexure mounting devices, precision lens assemblies, global telescope structures, bonded joints, etc.

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