Safran Reosc conducts deep opto-mechanical engineering study work with state of the art software tools and skilled engineers maintaining our long heritage on the subject. More precisely, Safran Reosc claims to be a leading expert in :

  • Lens design of telescope and refractive systems
  • Mechanical design of large opto-mechanics and high performance lens assemblies
  • Thin film design for laser and complex optical functions from UV to LWIR 

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Thin film design


Our thin film design team holds several decades of expertize in designing and simulating thin films performance and to defining and developing the required deposition process parameters as well as the characterization methodologies.

Our team maintains tight relations with all other thin film specialists within Safran Electronics & Defense working on IR, Vis and laser-gyro equipment.

Beyond the spectral characteristics, we precisely engineer the various other aspects of uniformity of the coating over large or strongly curved components, stresses within the layers, substrate bending, long term stability of the coating, micro-structure of the layers, etc… thanks to proper selection of the materials involved in the thin film stack and the deposition technology used.

In addition the thin film team can exchange data with the lens-design and Finite Element team of the design office in order to evaluate at higher level the impact of the thin films to the global performance of the equipment.

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