Optical Manufacturing

Through the years, Safran Reosc developed and matured state of the art optical manufacturing technologies dedicated to Hi-Tech and large optics. We have unique heritage in glass ceramic mirror substrate lightweighting and fully master the various steps of production of accurate freeform optical surfaces: profile generating, lapping, polishing. An advanced specific expertise in SiC optics has been built more recently. 


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Robotic lapping & polishing

Robotic lapping & polishing

The next steps of the optical fabrication process are conducted with our own developed proprietary robotic technology. First phases are done with loose abrasive lapping to reduce simultaneously the surface micro-roughness and residual figure errors to the level where polishing can start.

Polishing starts with the critical phase where strong rubbing and significant material must be removed to reach the shiny surface state without having generated critical edge turn down or high frequency ripples. Then some figuring cycles are conducted toward the final figure specification.

With our robotic technology Safran Reosc can achieve on any surface standard specifications in the range of 10-20 nm RMS surface residuals, quite sufficient for many vis applications. If needed precision IBF or MRF figuring is conducted toward highest optical quality. 


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