Optical Manufacturing

Through the years, Safran Reosc developed and matured state of the art optical manufacturing technologies dedicated to Hi-Tech and large optics. We have unique heritage in glass ceramic mirror substrate lightweighting and fully master the various steps of production of accurate freeform optical surfaces: profile generating, lapping, polishing. An advanced specific expertise in SiC optics has been built more recently. 


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Silicon carbide

Silicon carbide

Silicon Carbide is today more and more used for advanced space payloads and other demanding applications thanks to its exceptional properties or high specific stiffness (E/r) and high thermal stability to transients (D/a). We accompanied our French customer Airbus Defense & Space in its development of the technology by offering best polishing service for this material. 

Safran Reosc has now gained considerable skill and experience in Silicon Carbide optics processing thanks to deep studies and development of the required tooling and process parameters.

Today Safran Reosc is able to polish any shape and any size of SiC optics and has set-up a specific fab-line for SiC optics up 1.5-m.

The 1500x600 mm GAIA off-axis primary mirrors probably constitute the world record SiC optics with its large size, severe off-axis shape and incredible flatness level down to 9 nm RMS.

We recently developed our R-SiC polishing layer as an economic alternative to CVD SiC used to clad the porous body material with a dense layer that can be polished to Vis roughness specification. R-SiC is deposited in-house and has been space-qualified by ESA under an R&T contract work.  


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