Optical Testing

It is well known that metrology is as important as polishing for precision optics manufacturing. Safran Reosc has naturally built up through the years a unique skill in designing and developing precision optical metrology set-up for all size and shape of optics.

The control of the residual defect along all the spatial frequencies is mandatory in order to ensure high imaging resolution, low flare and low losses by diffusion from the various components of the optical system.  


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Micro interferometry


We have installed a ZYGO New-View micro-interferometer on a large bench allowing us to explore the clear aperture of large optics up to 1.5-m and perform local detailed metrology of the flatness and mid-spatial frequency residuals. This is particularly interesting for finishing process assessment for EUV optics or large scientific optics like the GAIA main collecting mirror.

The spatial frequency domain is ranging from 10 µm to 1 mm.

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