Optical Testing

It is well known that metrology is as important as polishing for precision optics manufacturing. Safran Reosc has naturally built up through the years a unique skill in designing and developing precision optical metrology set-up for all size and shape of optics.

The control of the residual defect along all the spatial frequencies is mandatory in order to ensure high imaging resolution, low flare and low losses by diffusion from the various components of the optical system.  


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Specialized test setup

SUN bench

Our metrology team key main activity is to develop specialized test benches that are not offered on the market. This consists in doing the optical design of the set-up, constructing and refining its error budget, managing the procurement of parts and the in-house fabrication of the related optical parts, performing the integration and validation of the set-up and deliver it to the production team with its user-manual.

Some example of unique test benches developed at Safran Reosc are :

  • Test set-up at  the top of our 30-m tower for the ESO-VLT 8-m giant mirrors
  • Test set-up at the top of our 30-m tower for the Gran Telescopio Canarias (GTC) 42 1.8-m segments. There were 6 different types of segments tested individually through 6 different CGH. In addition a conventional Offner null lens bench allowed to test the each of the batches of 6 segments combined in association on the 8-m table installed at the basement of the tower.
  • Full aperture aspheric Fizeau interferometer with a concave aspheric Fizeau plate to test the secondary mirrors of the ESO-VLT and the GTC.
  • Specialized aspheric test bench developed for testing down to 0.2 nm accuracy semiconductor optics lens elements.
  • Stitching set-up for large reference flats testing in front of our Fizeau interferometer.
  • Active Optics folding flat at 45° to perform optical testin of large flat in vertical axis configuration.
  • Specialized bench with CHG for off axis asphere or free-from optical surface testing. 
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